indigo fixed wireless

Unlike some other providers who re-dress residential nbn services for business, we've built our own business-optimised fixed wireless network which treats your data with the priority it deserves.

  • Optional rapid install - get your service delivered in days, not weeks.
  • Symmetric upload and downloads - send data as quickly as you receive it.
  • Proactive, not reactive - we monitor all services and respond proactively.
  • Highly survivable - backup power and dual paths on most cells to ensure redundancy.

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$200 / month ex.

  • 1-20 Users
  • 50Mbps symmetrical speeds
  • No data caps
  • Business class support
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  • 50+ Users
  • Speeds tailored to your needs.
  • No data caps
  • Business class support
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely - microwave wireless underpins a number of mission critical services, such as linking cellular towers, high frequency trading, connections between emergency services repeaters etc. A well engineered wireless service will be as reliable, if not more so, than any wired connection.

No. Our team of engineers has decades of combined experience designing, constructing and supporting mission critical networks. Part of this experience is ensuring that our services are engineered for inclement weather.

If you're unsure which service is right for your business, reach out to us and we'll help guide you through choosing a service which is suitable for your business.

No problems - our statewide MPLS network supports site-to-site services, both on our network and via our wholesale partners. Even if you're not within our wireless footprint, we can still connect your branch offices.

Absolutely - reach out to us and we'll happily build commercial arrangements which best suit your business. We will generally charge a larger upfront installation fee to cover the costs of our equipment and installation - this allows you to cancel your service at any time.